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(A word from Wayne Reed)
I'd like to personally thank JR, Viv and Rick for their efforts. JR for gathering all the data, Viv for keeping the forum alive and well, and Rick for making the info available on other forums..

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L.W. "Junior" Jackson hails from Boston and is a blues musician. He plays slide and standard guitar, harmonica, and sings. JR is also a bit of a blues historian, a writer, and a professional chef. He still resides in the Boston area but longs to move to the Delta.

Teresa Johnson, better known online as VivianOblivion, maintains the Bluesville egroup on yahoo. She's had a love of music, primarily the Blues, all her life. She dabbles in guitar and photography but doesn't do either well enough to make a living from it. . . . :)
Born and raised in Norfolk,Va., she now calls South Dakota home.