Wayne Reed & The Connection

I'd like you to meet "The Band"! Hundreds of hours have been spent in Wayne's recording studio to produce the absolute finest backing trax to back up Wayne Reed's, and The Connection's live performances.

While The Connection performs, playing 2 Guitars, Harmonica, Synth Horns and Tenor, Alto and Soprano Sax, plus 3 voices . . . "The Band" is busy in the background providing the main Rhythm Section, Percussion Section and Horn Section! Plus Bass, Keyboards, Strings and more!


For years, bands like Santana, Miami Sound Machine, and many others have used backing trax along with their live performances to create a fuller sound. Adding extra Percussion, Horns, etc. to play along with their existing players. (Ever see a band with the drummer wearing a headset? Good chance he's listening to backing trax so he stays in sync.)

Now you can have this kind of full band sound, but not have to pay for a 9 or 10 piece band or orchestra! Below are some samples of "The Band".

Keep in mind, there are no vocals here. No added live Guitars, no live Sax, Harmonica, etc..

You'll hear us all together in just a little bit. For now, this is just . . . The Band!

Jazzy Clip 1 Blues Clip 2 Rock Clip 3

Now imagine Wayne Reed playing solo, adding Guitar, Harmonica, and singing with The Band.

Imagine all four members of The Connection playing along with The Band!

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