Blues Harp . . .

This isn’t a typical “How To” series. If you want to play harp with style, and dynamics
wait until you hear what Wayne Reed can teach you! There isn’t anything like this
out there anywhere! Plus, playing along with the Jam Trax that come with this series will help you improve in two ways!

1). It’s like playing with a live band!
Many different music styles,
tempos, and keys!

2). Because it’s going to be so
much FUN . . . you’ll practice
even more than usual!

You’ll take what Wayne teaches you, play it along
with “the band”, and you’ll hear improvement INSTANTLY!

For more information about this new series, about MP3 or midi
Backing Trax, or to communicate with Wayne personally, drop him an
email so he can add you to his newsletter list. He’ll answer your email personally!

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You're about to learn about 2 powerful learning series. Learn To Shred (Learn2Shred) and I Just Wanna Play The Darned Thing.

Each series has Midi and/or MP3 jam trax that go right along with each lesson. But these aren't your typical lessons, I assure you!

I don't care if you play guitar, sax, horns, keys, harmonica, bass or drums! You'll be amazed at how quickly you learn!!! Or . . . how quickly your speed increases . . . You'll be SHREDDING before you know it!

If you want to learn how to have a TON of fun with your guitar, you need "I Just Wanna Play The Darned Thing!". I don't care if you bought your first guitar this morning. I'll have you playing TONS of fun guitar pieces, riffs, solo and bass lines, show you some kuell moving chord patterns that are easy to learn. PLUS . . .

I've been teaching for over 30 years. I've developed techniques that will help you play aggressively, with confidence, in a very short time! I have students who were playing in a band within 90 days of starting my method!

If you're a more experienced player, but not yet playing like you'd like to, you need the series as well!

And if you're a solo musician . . . if you want to dramatically improve . . . if you want your solos to FLY . . . I'll show you how to become a Pro Shredder with Learn To Shred, in NO TIME! And I don't care what instrument you play!

You need to spend some time on this site. It's not finished yet, but there's plenty of information there already.

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Wayne Reed